Life is like a subtle chain of events that build upon one another. Childhood events set "the groundwork", whereas adulthood invites you to create the life and love you want.  

Herself Spoken Counseling is intended to be a space for you to "be" who you are, while in the process of becoming more. I do not expect you to guide the sessions or to follow my lead. In order to facilitate positive change in your life, I walk alongside you as you discover and develop yourself.

Also according to the CDC, women are twice as likely than men to suffer from depression. Women around the world have been reported to experience a "loss of self", self-silencing behaviors, dependency, rejection sensitivity, self-doubt, chronic guilt, and unfair/dissatisfying relationships.  

If you identify with any of the above you are not alone, you are not crazy, you are not too much. 

You are strong. You are lovable. You are brave. 

Embrace all that you are in a safe place. I am here to attentively listen, help you reaffirm your truth, reclaim yourself, and share with you tools to live more authentically.