I grew up in a Latino home, where women were expected to fulfill certain "feminine" roles ( e.g. quiet, submissive, "good" natured, & selfless). I was also a victim of chronic bullying in and out of my home. My feelings and thoughts were often dismissed and trivialized, all the while I was expected to silence my discomfort.

I, like many other survivors of emotional abuse, tried to distract myself to survive. I focused on my studies and sports from an early age. In college, I became fascinated with psychology. Partly in hopes to "cure" myself from social anxiety, chronic depression, and trauma-symptoms (e.g. disassociation, paranoia, hyper-vigilance). And although these symptoms persisted for many years, I attended individual and group therapy regularly, read countless self-help books, and mastered my psychological studies.

I attended University of Florida and one of the highest accrediting counseling programs in the nation, University of Central Florida. I conducted my own research on gender norms, graduated at the top of my class, and received outstanding reviews from my mentors. 

Fast forward 7 years, I am the owner to Herself Spoken Counseling, a private practice devoted to helping fellow women re-discover and -affirm their truth, voice, and needs. With courage, commitment, and a safe place of belonging change is possible. 

I believe in the power of therapy. And although trauma work is an ongoing process, it is well-worth the investment. Thanks to my family, friends, therapists, and profession, I can finally say with confidence --

I am strong. I am loved. I am brave.