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Anyone is susceptible to emotional abuse and if left unchecked it can wear down the foundation of your being. When on the receiving end of manipulative or controlling tactics, you may experience a loss of self, self-doubt, shame, codependency, self-silencing behavior, helplessness, powerlessness, difficulty making decisions, and a tendency to stay in unsatisfying/unfair relationships. Reaffirm you truth, reclaim your voice, and remember you are not alone. It is an honor to help fellow survivors respect and be patient with their road to recovery.



Between you and another person there is a line, a boundary. Safe relationships recognize and welcome boundaries. Unsafe relationships cross, blur, dismiss, and trivialize boundaries. Determining healthy boundaries is one thing, and maintaining them is another. One requires self-reflection, whereas the other requires open, honest communication.

Codependency Red Flags:

- Feelings of resentment

- Controlling/Manipulative behavior

- Low self-worth 

- Reassurance seeking

- Self-righteousness or superiority 

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Emotions have the power to unite, until we begin to defend or withdraw ourselves. All too often, when someone talks, we listen to respond vs. to understand. Other times we interrupt, monologue, assume, dismiss, blame, and demand.

Abuse Red Flags:

- name-calling, cursing

- yelling

- gaslighting

- refusing to listen or let you speak

- trivializing

- aggression

- silent treatment

- withdrawal of affection

- superiority or self-righteousness

In some situations, a person's communication style will not change. But it is in these very situations you want to learn about setting and maintaining your boundaries. Verbal abuse is not acceptable. 

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If you’re looking to understand and be understood by your toddler, child, pre-teen, or teen counseling can help. The parent-child relationship can be confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating for all people, little or big.  However, early intervention is the best thing you can do to assure you and your child remain close.