My son has been going to see a therapist for the past 3 1/2 years and recently he started seeing Juliana 2 months ago and she has done more in these 2 months than the sessions he's had previously. He has learned so many things from her. It is very hard for him to open up to people but it comes so natural with Juliana. He even talks about her at home or if he's going through a rough time throughout the day he asks if he can speak with her. That's how much of a huge impact she has made in his life in this short time period. I'm so excited of what the future holds with continuing to work with her. As a parent, it can be very challenging understanding and dealing with a child that has the conditions my son has. You can have your good days and off days but Juliana has been there for me to help understand his conditions better and providing coping strategies that benefits the both of us. She pushes me when I have those off days, giving me positive energy to uplift me, and ensuring me that I can do it! She genuinely cares for her patients and it's really hard to find someone like that, trust me, I've looked all over. I have prayed many times to be pointed in the direction of someone like Juliana that can help my son overcome his situations. I'm just so blessed to have connected with her. Juliana loves what she does and she does it well. She goes above and beyond for him and I am forever grateful! I highly recommend Juliana if you or someone you love is struggling with any condition(s) that can benefit with therapy.

Mother of Client

Juliana Vassolo is a great person and is very educated to get you the help that you need.
I was a college Student in need of help with my Abnormal Psychology homework assignment, calling around different therapists just to get turned down by them or have to provide payment but Ms. Vassolo answered the phone on the first ring and was willing to sit there for 20+ minutes and teach me better than my actual professor can about my assignment. Juliana Vassolo is very soft spoken and educated on the subject of psychology; Ms. Vassolo knows how to identify your core feeling and get you the help that you need in the quickest way possible. Highly recommend this therapist and you know from my word that she is also a good person. I don’t write reviews but i went out of my way to give Ms. Vassolo one. Thanks again!

Graduate Student